Monday, December 27, 2010

Well, that was fun.  A nice little storm decided to dump on us right before the end of the year.  I stayed home for work, the office was closed but apparently decided to open at 11 am.  I live 40 minutes away on a good day, there was no way I was making it there before noon.  My boss mentioned that they wouldn't be paying us for the hours the office was closed, ha  ha  haha.  I'll be speaking to her about that tomorrow.

I'm trying to enjoy my day off, Matt has the day off as well so we've been laying on the couch and watching movies.  We never get to do that.

Christmas was really really good.  One of the best Christmas' I've had in awhile.  Adrian was so well behaved and thoroughly enjoyed all of his gifts.  We ventured to Matt's parents house to meet up with his siblings and niece.   His niece recently broke her femur (poor thing) so she has pretty much a full body cast on.  She's in a wheelchair, it was so pathetic looking.  She's only 3, I can only imagine how miserable she must have been.  We also learned that a new little niece or nephew will be making an entrance next June so that's exciting!  His parents got us Red Sox tickets for next April and it was nice to hang out with them, chat and spend time with family.

Now I'm just waiting for Matt to come inside after shoveling, he's been helping the whole freakin' block. Only 5 more days until my birthday, eep!

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