Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It's December 15th already, yikes! Luckily the Christmas cards are mostly sent out and the shopping is pretty much done but not all of it. I really don't understand why they schedule finals so close to Christmas because I'm going to be a ball of stress up until then, not exactly enjoying the holidays.

Another reason why our enjoyment is being thwarted is because of a little boy's mother. I don't know exactly how or why anybody could be so vile and nasty towards the father of their child but she is. I might understand if he did something horribly wrong but he pays more child support than he's supposed to, we have him over the weekend meaning she has every weekend off, and we do our best to give him what he needs. Apparently that isn't good enough for her. Matt woke up to some nasty texts about the plan for Christmas. There never is a discussion with her, it's just her way or you can go kick rocks. Doesn't quite work that way when you have a court agreement that you need to abide by. She's tried to pull this not abiding by the court agreement before and it's only come back to bite Matt in the ass so we try and stick by the agreement. The agreement says on even years we get to spend Christmas morning with Adrian and then she gets him from 1-6. Well she doesn't like that and was very vocal about it. We did have him last year in the morning but she never made a peep so we thought nothing of it but this year she is making a stink. You snooze, you lose sweetie.

So she threatened us by taking us back to court again but it's all a joke. We are abiding by the court agreement, hardly think the Judge is going to give us crap about that. It does get me upset though because I just don't understand it. If she would talk to us like normal human beings we actually would have compromised with her and let her spend more time with Adrian but she's being a bitch.

It just makes me think that she is so miserable in what's going on in her own life that she needs to pass that onto Matt. She sees that we are doing alright and I'm sure it pisses her off when her own boyfriend doesn't have a job and just leeches off of her. But according to her he has a Ph.D. @@ right.

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