Monday, June 21, 2010

Matt's schedule can be unpredictable...such is life when working in retail. Because of this, I sometimes watch Adrian during the weekend. Matt had to work Friday this week so Adrian and I went on some adventures. We hiked in the JP Arboretum to the top where you get this awesome view of Boston. I want to go back at night...although I don't know if you can do that. He was all tuckered out, hence why he looks so thrilled.

After that we went to a few 'water' parks and shopped a bit. I came home and cooked vegan lasagna..which was the first time I've ever cooked dinner for Matt. Eep! He's such a good cook and I just don't enjoy cooking but I feel like I have to contribute every once in awhile. It actually came out really really good.

Saturday I had to babysit for 11 hours and I felt crappy....what a day that was.

Sunday was Father's Day so Adrian and I got to give Matt his surprises! Adrian made Matt cry with his gift of a little frisbee so he could "play with daddy." He also loved the Red Sox tickets, so all in all it was a successful day!

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