Sunday, June 13, 2010

I don't want the weekends to end. I enjoy spending time with the boys so much. Of course it's nice to have some peace and quiet and time in my own space...but I'd rather be with them.

Matt had to work some of the time but yesterday he had the day off. We were planning on going to the common, walk around the gardens, look at the swan boats and then walk to Quincy market. The weather had other plans and decided to rain so we put those plans on hold and went bowling instead. We walked around Davis Square and went to Goodwill looking for figurines of Jesus. Even though both Matt and I are not religious in the slightest, we still appreciate the art of him? If that makes sense. We didn't find Jesus, but we did find a Johnny Cash record for 99 cents! The cover held a different album but I went searching through all of the loose vinyl and found Johnny. I was pretty proud of myself. Then we went to Harvard Square and walked around some more. I love this part of living in the city. No plans, just walking around different sections of the city.

We've been toying with the idea of moving in together in September. Or rather, I would move into his apartment. I know to some people that would seem crazy but I don't really care. We've kind of been mapping out what we want together and it seems to make the most sense. We would each be saving about $200 a month in rent which we would either use for a new car. We've toyed with the idea of also getting down to one car, which would also save money. If I get a job within Boston I could rely on public transportation. We ideally want to get our own place but financially speaking want to bank some money first.

I'm working three days this week, interning and hopefully hearing about an interview...fingers are still crossed!

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