Friday, March 05, 2010

Met my friend Kate after work last night for some Mexican food. Kate is amazing, the kind of friend you want in your corner. She wanted to get caught up and make sure I was okay. Apparently her husband was also worried about me. They have done a lot for me during this process as have all of my friends. Since I have no family around, my friends are my family and mean the world to me.

Kate and I got talking about the latest news and I asked her if she had ever had her heart broken. I knew Michael was pretty much her first relationship. She said that in the first year of dating Michael they actually broke up. This is something I did not know so I was very intrigued. She broke up with him for a few months, they continued to talk during that time and they finally got back together because they both knew they couldn't live without each other. Awww. It was nice talking about that and realizing that these things do happen and sometimes you come out even stronger than before.

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