Thursday, April 23, 2009

Is this week over yet? Between school, work, trying to find a job, being sick and trying to find a job, I'm spent. Seriously spent. I don't know at what point my body and mind start mentally breaking down but I feel like it's close, and it scares me. I have a working interview with a family in Belmont on Sunday and before that I have an interview with a family in Lexington. I also have one on Monday with some family somewhere else. Still, I'm scared. I just want this whole thing to be over so I can move on with my life and stop stressing about every little thing. Less than two weeks to go.

This weekend was interesting. I had a lovely Friday night with Nicole. We went to dinner and shopping. Got caught up on all of the gossip that we needed to. It was nice to hang out and her pregnant belly is pretty damn adorable. So weird seeing your good friends pregnant. On Saturday morning I drove down to New Jersey to see the boy. I get there and he wants to take his truck to the car wash, no big deal. Then he comes home and wants to vacuum out the fucking thing. I am literally sitting on the steps of his house for a good hour, hour and a half while he vacuums. We went for a long drive after that and chatted a bit. It was at this point that he started to become distant I guess? It was weird. We went back to his house and he played video games and then we ate dinner with his family. I adored his parents, they were amazing.

After dinner we decided to go out to a bar with one of his friends. In Nicks words, he wanted to get fucked up. Lovely, eh? Have a nice girl visiting from another state and you want to get completely smashed. We're sitting at dinner and I'm chatting with his friend about life and what not. While we're talking, Nick starts talking to the two girls that are sitting at the table next to us. I seriously was speechless. I'm still speechless and want to know what the fuck was running through that boys head. We went to his friends house to hang out, we were there for all of 20 minutes when Nick needed to go home because he was plastered.

He came home, passed out on the futon and that was it. I should have just left then but I had had some drinks so that was out. I woke up in the morning, he started cleaning his room for a house showing and then I left. He hasn't talked to me all week and I sure as hell am not initiating conversation with him. He wanted to come up this weekend since his friends were but I doubt that is going to happen. Don't know if I even really want to see him anyways. I would like to talk to him to see what the fuck is going on.

Oh well, plenty of other fish in the sea. I'm not wasting my time on someone like that.

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  1. hey - thanks for the update on your job hunt. i've been wondering about that - hope you have success in the interviews, etc! i was in that position before i met joe...just a couple years ago (well, after i met him, too, but i just meant before i got married). job hunts, in-between jobs, anticipation,etc -totally enough to make a person crazy. and about the boy?? argh. i'm with you - i would stay away. but again - you are amazing for being willing to even TALK to him about what's going on. anyway - i'll try to email you soon...busy here too...argh. miss you!