Sunday, February 19, 2006

Things that irked me this weekend

*Mother Nature-This past week it's been in the 50's and now for the weekend we get temps not going above 20 degrees and with massive winds blowing.

*Stairs-My first trip down the stairs this morning was not a pleasant one. I fell down them. Not just a little was a slamming into the steps and then riding them down until you crash into a wall. I skinned my hands up. It's really gross actually, the skin was just kind of hanging there but I eventually pulled it off. I'm waiting for my awesome bruises to show up.

a) annoying ones-I went to a very late showing of Freedomland on Friday night wanting to avoid the crowds and the usual chaos that accompanies me to movies. My movie experience was going great until about the last 20 minutes of the movie when two tweenaged boys decided to wait in the little hallway thing for their parents to get out of the movie. They stood there and banged on the wall and chatted loudly to each other. What the fuck kids. Couldn't you wait out in the lobby?

b) rude ones-Yah know, I'm not really much of a people person. If I could walk around all day with my middle fingers in the air or a big F.U. sign on my shirt, I would. But when I go out in public I try to be good. I try to be polite, smile, chat it up with the Target cashiers, and be respectful of the other people in this world. On two seperate occasions I Saturday I witnessed cart etique gone bad. One lady was lifting a big item out of her cart and just let her cart start wandering freely. It wandered into the back of a minivan and because of the awesome winds we had it just kept going and eventually stopped in the middle of the road. After she put her thing away she just looked at the cart, got in her car and drove away. Bitch. Then when I came out of Target I saw 5 cars swerve around another cart sitting in the middle of the road. I stopped my car, got out and pushed it to one of the cart holders. Lazy bastards.

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