Monday, February 13, 2006

Blonde moment #56,932

If you read my last post you noticed that I went to Boston this weekend. While there, actually in Cambridge, I went to one of my favorite stores-Urban Outfitters. I love love love all the clothes there but have never actually bought anything until yesterday. I went to the clearance area and saw these super cute green velvet shoes. I saw the great price of $4.99 and decided to buy them. The shoes were all seperated so I had to dig and dig to try and find two size 7's. The people around me probably thought I was a big freak, digging through that bin like none other. I found two size 7's and took them up to the nice bitchy lady at the register. She rang me up and to my delight the shoes were actually half off..go me! Last night I get home and decide to try them on and see how they look. I take the left shoe out and try it on and then I go back for the other shoe and pull out another freakin' left foot. I bought two left shoes....ha. I don't think I'm going to take them back, I think I'm just going to wear them like they are. Me and my hot green shoes.


  1. Oh man that sucks!! Something I would totally do too. And I looove Urban Outfitters too and only get to shop there while vacationing in cool cities, unlike the one I live in.

  2. Somewhere out there... you've got a soul mate holding two brand new green right shoes looking at them and making a face like WTF?