Sunday, February 12, 2006

Purple ribbon wearers

I travelled to Boston yesterday. My fragile little body was numb to the 20 degree weather outside. I can't believe people actually live up here. Weirdos. It is a very nice city though, from what I saw. We walked around some mall thing with stores like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and other fancy shmancy stores. There was some kind of high school Jazz festival going on so there were hundreds of high schoolers walking around in their band clothes. Thats funny to me and I don't know why. After walking around the rich mall I decided that I wanted to go see Harvard. We went to Harvard and snapped some pictures. I chased guys around Harvard asking them questions but they all seemed in such a rush. Actually most people seemed very hurried in this town. No time to talk to me? Pssh. I think I might go back in next weekend by myself. My one friend here is going to L.A. for the week, lucky. We have gotten like 15 inches of snow today so I would love to be going back to Cali to visit.

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