Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Why is my life filled with a bunch of useless men who can't do anything? I'm so irritated with ALL OF THEM.

My landlord for one has been a complete piece of shit this whole time.  It started with him giving me 4 hours notice that he was showing the place.  I got into it with him on the sidewalk because I told him that wouldn't work, yet he completely disregarded that fact and has been an asshole ever since.  He says he'll keep our deposit if he can't get the place rented. HA.  Good luck buddy.  Yesterday he texted me that people are interested in the apartment but are turned off by the dark colors.  Uh, the living room is gray?  AND IT'S PAINT. For the love of Christ, we can paint over it before we move out but I sure as hell am not painting it now between trying to wrangle a dog and pack.  He eventually called Matt because he didn't like the answers he was getting from me because I can't take his shit.  He picked the wrong person in the relationship to be a dick to.

Matt, oh Matt.  I've been trying to deal with him civilly and I think I've done a pretty good job but why am I the only that has to drop everything and re-arrange my schedule when we have apartment showings?  He's out gallivanting around town doing God knows what, won't even respond to a pretty important text message, while I'm trying to pick up all the pieces.  I have my own shit to do but I guess that's not important. 

This needs to be over soon before I fucking murder someone.

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