Sunday, April 22, 2012

Can I take back that post about wanting the best for Matt and hoping he finds happiness?  Because dammit if I haven't been slapped across the face the past few weeks.

He no longer communicates with me, which is fine, but the only time I want to communicate with him is about Emma.  Apparently he's totally okay with just dropping her.  I'm taking her to meet a lady and her kids on Tuesday so I'm crossing my fingers that they will be a good fit. I have a week left in my place so my anxiety is in high gear.

I just went down to talk to my neighbor and she asked me how I was doing.  I explained the communication issue and she agreed it was best to just distance myself.  She also informed me that Matt used to text her at night after I had gone to bed because he was "bored".  I'm still sitting here quite shocked.  When we first started dating I had my fair share of trust issues and gut feelings about things.  Over time those quickly faded and I fully trusted him. To learn this just makes me sick to my stomach.  I know it could be nothing but no guy needs to be texting his attractive neighbor at all hours of the night because he was bored. Makes me wonder what else he was doing.  Maybe I don't want to know.

What a fucking douchebag. I really hope i don't ever have to see him again because I'm disgusted.  Completely disgusted.  His loss though.  I'm too good for him.  Yep, I said it.  Good luck buddy.


  1. Yup. You are totally to good for him. TRUTH BOMB!
    Also, I am SO sorry that you have to give up Emma. I'm sure I've probably commented about it before but I, too, love my dog dearly and the thought of having to give him up makes my heart break.
    Sending positive vibes from New Orleans to Boston for ya, girl!

  2. It's the hardest part of this whole thing :( thanks for the vibes, once this is all over I'll be much better off

  3. Anonymous12:19 PM

    oh honey... i just read back a few posts, and that's ROUGH.

    you ARE too good for him. no one should make you feel like that. it's not fair. and when it gets to that point, it's best to just sever the ties and move forward, because digging deeper and finding out things you don't want to hear will just hurt you unecessarily.

    certain things fall out of places, so BETTER things can fall into place. take your time to heal, but know there is SO much more out there. you'll find happiness, no doubt.

  4. Omg. I just caught up in your posts and omg. What a DOUCHEBAG. You're way too good for him, hun. I'm sorry about everything, but I'm glad you found a place for yourself and for Emma. xoxo