Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I took Emma to (hopefully) her new home last night.  Waking up this morning without her snuggly butt in my face was quite weird. 

This family contacted me through a mutual friend because they had been thinking about getting a dog for sometime.  When they saw her picture they started considering it more seriously but when they learned I only had a week left to find her a good home, they wanted to meet her.

I packed up all of her belongings last night and her and I took the hour drive out of the city to the suburbs.  She was whining pretty much the whole way, she really doesn't do well in the car.  She would rest her head on the side of my seat and I would reach over and scratch her chin, something I would do quite often.

We got to the house and she was extremely excited. I let her run around the backyard a bit before bringing the family out.  Once she stretched her legs, they came out and she went running over in all of her wiggling butt glory.  She played and played for over an hour with the kids and then we went inside to let her sniff around.  I typed out a page about every little thing I could think of about her.  How she likes to sleep, how she loves jumping in the tub after you shower, all of the things I've come to love over the past year. We sat and chatted more about her little quirks. 

I shed more than a few tears and eventually said goodbye.  I came home to a quiet apartment, it's just weird without her there.  I really hope she blends into this family.  I know how much work she is and I think they are ready to take that on. They do have cats and Emma managed to chase one up a tree but maybe her and the cats will just stay away from each other.  I'm nervous that she'll be too much work and they'll be calling me in a week saying they can't take her.  I can't really take her back as much as I would love to.  Sigh.  I'm staying positive that it will work out though.

I love you little Emma.


  1. Heather I am so sorry! It's heartbreaking when you have to let go of a dog for one reason or another. I hope this family works out. I've got my fingers crossed for you!!

  2. I am SO sorry you have to give Emma away. I bet they'll love her and hopefully they'll give you updates from time to time.

  3. Thanks guys. I really hope it works out for her, she deserves the best.