Monday, June 13, 2011

Puerto Rico was awesome.  I think that could be said for any vacation though.  I love exploring new places, taking pictures, and spending quality time with the boy.

*We explored Old San Juan with it's awesome architecture
*Had fun (sometimes not so fun) finding vegan food we could eat.  I must say, all the food we did eat was phenomenal.
*Took many naps
*Kayaked to a BioBay and watched the water turn a turquoise blue due to dinoflagylites
*Ordered room service and at dinner in our big fluffy bed

*Rented a car for the first time in a different country
*Swam in some really warm water, it was heavenly
*Played with extremely cute puppies in a local pet shop
*Hiked through the rainforest and swam by the waterfalls
*Missed Adrian and the puppy (who is currently having a crazy dream on the couch, legs flying all over the place)

Back to reality.  I do love my schedules though. Tomorrow we are hopefully picking up a big boy (!!) bed for Adrian.  He's 5 so it's about time, hah. 

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