Saturday, June 25, 2011

My employers are season ticket holders for the Red Sox.  They have tickets for every single home game and usually give them away to clients, brokers, and so on.  I was chatting with Matt last week trying to figure out if they ever let their paralegals go to the game.  Much to my surprise, on Tuesday afternoon, my boss comes over and kind of whispers, "Would you like to go to the game tonight"?.

Tuesday night was the night Matt had to work until 10:30 pm.  Of course!  I called him in a hurry to see if he could get out early, fake sick, quit, whatever.  You don't pass up these seats. 

He managed to weasel out of work and we enoyed the game, sitting 6 rows back from the dirt.  I've been to numerous games but something about sitting so close made the game that much better.  You could hear the crack of the bat and not even see the ball flying because it happened so fast.

Even though we lost by 1 run, the game was still awesome. 

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