Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I'm getting the design bug again after picking up Adrian's big boy bed.  We wanted this bed frame for him but IKEA discontinued it and now only makes it in white.  It was justmy luck though that I went on Craigslist and found it there! 

Picked it up last night, love it! He doesn't know we bought him one so I hope he likes his surprise.  We are going to take him to pick out his special sheets this weekend.  I'm going to do a plain red comforter because I hate hate hate the cartooney stuff.  I want to do navy blue horizontal striped curtains, a wall ledge to put his books in, and the 8 cube expedit bookcase from IKEA.  We bought a calendar that has vintage superhero prints that I want to hang in his room as well.  It's coming together, slowly but surely. 

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  1. Awesome bed! I wish we could buy Nolan some new furniture...for now he has my old hand-me-down set from when I was a kid. I've tried to make it more boyish for him lol.

    I also HATE the cartoony stuff, but we were given his Diego bedset as a gift so I figured why not use it for now? I'd also like to find a plain red or blue comforter, or both colours in plaid or stripes. I haven't found anything I like though.

    I think you saw what we have so far for Nolan's room? In the post?

    A vintage superhero calendar is AWESOME! I'm trying to find vintage tractor, truck, and car toys to decorate with & I want to get one of those wall decals of a red hot hair balloon. Random, very. LOL.

    Slowly but surely for us too! Are you gonna take pictures of A's room?