Sunday, January 09, 2011

The past year was tough for some of my friends and their relationships.  Two of my friends and I started dating guys around the same time and then also were broken up with around the same time.  It was nice in the regard that we all had something in common and could cry our eyes out for hours and we would understand.

After about a month of us all being broken up with they both found out they were pregnant.  I know these girls and it was most definitely not on purpose or to trap anybody...they were accidents.  One of my friends was in Montana so I was not able to be there physically but my other friend lives close.  We spent a lot of time together after the father decided he really didn't want to be in the picture.  My friend in Montana was working it out with her baby's father, even getting engaged to him.  They moved to Seattle and were ready to start their lives together.  I got an e-mail about a month and a half ago that rocked that image.  She lost her baby boy at 8 months along.  After going through the loss of her baby her fiance also decided to tell her that he wanted to be single.  It's at points like this in my friends lives that I wish I could just hop on a plane and be there, but unfortunately my life can't be put on hold like that.  I wish it could.

My other friend was now at the point of delivering her baby boy but he just didn't want to come out.  We waited and waited and finally a day after my birthday he decided to join us.  She had a 28 hours of back labor and did it all at home.  After watching videos and researching home-births, that is the route that she decided to take.  I had previously come to that decision that eventually when I want to have children that is the avenue I would like to take.  Seeing her actually accomplishing it and doing amazing just made my decision even stronger, not that I will be having a baby anytime soon though ;).

I got to go visit her and her little boy today and he was so sweet.  She is going to be doing it alone and she has my upmost respect.  I can't imagine the things both of these girls have gone through but they are such an inspiration to me as well as a motivator.  When I think my life is hard, I just look at them and see that they are overcoming incredibly difficult things and that I can do the same.

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