Thursday, January 20, 2011

As much as I really wish school was over for me, there is an incredibly nerdy part that still enjoys going.  I even started researching what it would take for me to get my bachelor's degree today.

I'm putting myself through school, working while doing so and not accumulating any school loans.  I feel good in that sense but then I look at my peers who are my age or younger and have bachelors degrees.  It makes me feel like I did something wrong.  I looked into transferring to Suffolk and with the 60 credit hours I would need, it would cost me around $40,000 just in tuition.  That doesn't include any books or other fees.  I have such a hard time justifying that to myself.  I was really getting excited and that just deflated all of the excitement I had. Suffolk is a private university so it does cost quite a bit more but it is the only college around that offers a bachelors in legal studies.

Decisions, decisions.  On one hand I just want to be satisfied with my associates and just be done.  Get my degree, get married, have some babies and enjoy life. I still have probably another year left of school though so these thoughts can wait for a little while more.  Hopefully before then, I will have a new job where I'll be happy and things will all be okay.

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