Saturday, October 16, 2010

This is me, procrastinating on homework. I really don't want to do it. I just want to relax on my Saturday but that doesn't happen. I'm looking around and laundry, dishes, cleaning, homework, Adrian and god knows what else all needs to be taken care of. I need a maid.

This week went by s.l.o.w.l.y. Adrian and I got to hangout last night because Matt attended a Gentleman meeting/Art Show in Providence with his friends. I highly encourage him to hang out with the dudes. Now I just need to start hanging out with the girls more often. I am attending a baby shower tomorrow if that counts...but I don't think it does. I want to go dancing, haven't gone in so long! Anyways-while Adrian and I were sitting on the couch he looks at me and says, "I'm going to go grow a beard". He was serious too. I was trying not to outwardly laugh, but it was pretty funny.

Matt is taking me on a date tomorrow. SQUEE! He's going to be working a lot the next week and has this past week so we need to spend some time together before I murder him in his sleep. :)

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