Friday, September 29, 2006

One thing I have gained from being a nanny is tons and tons of patience. To much sometimes. But my patience wears a little thin on Fridays. I've been dealing with 4 kids all week and they. never. stop. And then when I wake up this morning and my bangs are not doing at all what I want them to do. This royally pisses me off. I'm usually not a big "girly girl", but if my hair is not co-operating...well then shit. And it's raining outside.

On the plus side-I'm headed off to New York City for the weekend with friends. It's so weird for me to be saying that. A small town girl from Montana headed to the most awesomest* city in the United States just because. I'm thinking of getting my lip tattooed there. Just for fun. Nobody can see it, don't worry. I won't be scaring the children.

*San Francisco is probably my favorite...but shhh.

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