Friday, September 08, 2006

One more week down. Only 4,685 more to go. Not really, but it feels like that.

The host mom, kids and I went to a neighbors house last night for a going away party for their aupair. Everybody kept asking my host mom how she did 'it'. It being raising four little fuckers. Her reply-Oh yah know. My reply-She doesn't fucking do it, I DO IT. And how do I it? Lots of alcohol on the weekends.

So its Friday and I'm off.


  1. don't ya love people taking credit when credit isn't due!!

  2. Wow. She must be pretty clueless. Has she ever had a period of time when she really did have to be in charge of all four kids by herself? I'm guessing not, because if she had, she would be thanking you and bending over backward to keep you happy so you'd never be tempted to leave! You have the hardest job in the world.