Thursday, August 31, 2006

I think I've had enough of my host dad. Honestly, he can just leave now and I would be perfectly happy. For the first six months I was here he always travelled for work so he was never home. Now for the whole fucking summer he's been on 'vacation'. He needs to leave....go do something. He doesn't help out with the kids. He just gets them super hyped up and then leaves the room leaving me to calm them down. Joy.

Him and I don't really talk much but my host mom told me that he said something about my room today and it really pissed me off. I just changed rooms so my bedroom is now also part of the playroom/office. I don't really think it's my room because I have NO privacy but they are building a room for me in the basement so this is what I get. The dad goes up there to work during the day, sometimes. He complained about my stuff and how my bedroom is not picked up. UGH. If he would move his fucking office downstairs to the empty OFFICE room then he wouldn't have to deal with my shit. I'm sorry I have a pile of clothes on the floor there is no other place for me to put them. Until this douchbag decides to either move his desk or build my room faster than I'm going to keep hanging my underwear out for him to see them. people, they are so...bleh


  1. I would make sure that I let all my personal undie stuff hang out and about the room especially if he's going to bitch about it when he has an empty office room he could move to.

    He's probably jealous and wishes the wife would wear some of the things he's seen in your room. Just a guess on my part.

  2. It musy suck that he thinks you are so totally, unbearably hot that he has to find silly things to complain about, lest his true, burning love be discovered.

    Maybe you should try to be not so hot. Or something.