Wednesday, August 16, 2006

During the summer I normally get off work at 6:30. Tonight my host mom asked me to work late so she could have a ladies night out. No big deal...except Bob and I watch Project Runway every Wednesday night together. I asked her if he could come over here and she didn't mind, but she would have to talk to my host dad. We thought everything was fine until my host dad said that he wanted to watch t.v. downstairs tonight so he'll just let me get off a few minutes early so I can go to Bob's house. What the fuck? He never watches t.v. downstairs plus he has a t.v. in his room. So now he's home...three of the four kids are in bed and I'm. still. working.
The guy obviously can't handle putting one child to bed and can't stand the thought of a cool dude sitting on his couch.

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