Friday, August 25, 2006

After moving all the way across the country and starting my own life I've left behind a world of crazyness. In the past month my

-Brother got married

-Brother-in-law went over to Iraq again

-My Grandma was diagnosed with cancer which they won't be treating

-My Aunt who has breast cancer only has weeks left to live

-The Dad whom I no longer talk to has tried to contact me and now wants a relationship...pff

And then on Wednesday my sister calls me telling me that Mom only has six months to live. I couldn't really believe her because she tends to over exaggerate everything so I called my Mom. Then my Mom under exaggerates, so I really don't know who to believe. All I know is that my Mom needs a heart transplant and I wouldn't doubt that if she doesn't get one within six months her health would be VERY bad. Just something else to add to the list of growing stresses.

Plus I think I broke a boys heart this week. Damn.

1 comment:

  1. Dude.


    If I lived near you, I'd buy you a drink, no, a bottle, no, the bar.

    And don't you break boys hearts every day?