Saturday, December 10, 2005

I'm growing up

I have a question. A very important question.

At what age is it appropriate to start cursing in front of your parents? I obviously don't think it's appropriate for under 17 but after that...I'm lost. My mom cusses, not very often, but I don't think she would react if I dropped the "s" bomb in front of her.

What shall I do? Just walk into the room one day and loudly express that I am indeed old enough to start incorporating bad words into my conversations.

Why don't they teach this in high school.


  1. I think I was saying shit before I was seventeen, then of course I got the full name used, not just first and last but the middle name was in there too which only meant I had really upset my parents.

  2. That happened to my friend. She was 19 at the time when she cussed in deep anger when her dad was in the passenger's seat and she was at the back. As soon as she realized that her father heard her cuss, (it was in the local language, and it sounded pretty heave) her dad turned his head back to her with a funny look on his face.

    And he said "Oh my God, you're all grown up!"

    Yes, it was surreal.

    Lesson of the story? Don't sweat it. Just make sure you're in the moment that it's apparent that a cuss word is completely approapriate in the situation. (oxymoronic, I know)

  3. LOL I still refrain from using cuss words in front of my parents. Not sure why but I probably always will!