Monday, December 05, 2005

Here we go

Oregon is a very interesting state. It's a culture shock coming up from California. The people go shopping in their pajamas. They barely have any teeth. They think couches look good in their yard. It's kind of nice actually, because now I don't really have to get myself "made-up" to go anywhere. I can just blend in without feeling odd.

Theres also a down-side to this. Yesterday I decided to get half-way "made-up" and go to the city with my friend/cousin for shopping and a movie. (I saw Aeon Flux, It rocked!) We walked a bit, shopped a lot and sat down for lunch to talk. We discussed how everybody was looking at us and wondered if we had toilet paper hanging off of our shoes. Nope...we looked fine. The staring continued.

After the movie I decided I pulled in to the little lot next to this white minivan filled with guys, not very nice looking guys. Oregon is also a state where they pump the gas for you (the hell?) but I was confused so decided to get out and investigate. As I was getting out apperently I was being stared at by all of the humans in the minivan. They don't do it subtly either...Its some big. ass. staring going on. Jesus people.

And today at Wally-world I was sitting in the car talking with my Mom and this guy was sitting in a blazer kitty corner from us....staring! Forever! I finally drove away because I'm tired of people staring at me. I'm not that fucking pretty. But in Oregon...maybe I am.


  1. Well if what you described of the way people look there they might have been staring at you because you look better than anyone they have seen in awhile lol.

  2. I know you are pretty.

    You must be a hottie for the guys to be ogling at you.

    Send me your picture and I will make it my screensaver.

    Pretty Nanny.

    God bless you beautiful.

  3. Glad you enjoy Oregon :) You have a great blog. Keep up the good work.

  4. In defense if husband is from there and he is ridiculously good looking, and has never once had a couch in his yard. Yet.