Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving has now passed and now crunch time is setting in for Christmas.

Matt and I went to his parents house for Thanksgiving. It was nice, quieter than last year. Some of his siblings couldn't make it. It makes me miss my family though, haven't seen my mom in a year and a half or my sister and nieces in two. Matt and I are planning to go to Oregon in March to see my mom but missing holidays with them still sucks. His family is great though.

I have a little less than a month left of classes, yay! I already registered for next semester and realize I have about 10 classes left to get my degree. If I keep taking 2 classes a semester that's 2 and a half years but I may start taking summer courses if I can to be done a little faster. I'm so ready to be done. I might go for my bachelors eventually but I want to get this associates out of the way.

Baby fever is also starting to creep back up. Whyyyyy?! Probably because I watch 16 and Pregnant and those babies are so freaking cute. We were watching it the other night and Matt, out of the blue, said I could have a baby at 25. Ahem, that's a year away. No. As much as I want one, I just can't right now.

Wedding fever is also there, ruh roh. That's probably more normal and manageable. I already have ideas running through my head and he hasn't even proposed. Shhh, don't tell him. I've never been one of those girls that has dreamed of their wedding day since they were little. Now that the possibility is inching closer, I'm getting more into it. Plus, it's much more fun than doing homework.

I found this dress about 2-3 years ago and I love it. I don't know if it will hold my boobs but I'll keep dreaming.

I'd love to do a 1940's-50's type theme with a vintage glamour feel to the wedding. I'v ran that idea by Matt and he liked it as well. Now I just have to get a ring on it ;)

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