Monday, July 05, 2010

New York. The trip almost didn't happen. We had planned this trip for a few weeks in advance, so the morning finally comes, we wake up early and take the subway to catch the bus. Not even thinking I just assume that the bus departs from Back Bay. We are sitting outside, about a half hour early, just us. I walk inside to grab an iced tea and come back out...still nobody else there. I thought..huh, that's weird, usually people would be here by now. I look at the tickets...they said "Gate 9", another huh moment. Back Bay doesn't have gates...and then it clicked! Oh shit! The bus is departing from South Station, not Back Bay, and it's 6:43, our bus is supposed to leave at 7.

We rush to the subway again and pretty much run through Boston knowing that we were not going to make it...and we didn't. I was so aggravated. I've never missed anything travel wise in my life and I hate being late. I was snippy with Matt, he was snippy with me and we almost just turned around and came home. BUT...I reserved a shitty hotel for half our life savings so we WERE going and we WERE going to have fun. We made it on the next bus which left only a half hour later and all was okay...until Matt threw up on the bus. Luckily he had a bag.

OHhhhhhhh.... poor guy. He gets motion sickness so easily.

Once we actually got to NY, we had a blast. We walked for miles, ate some yummy vegan food, saw Avenue Q and saw the sites. Matt had been to NY once with school and saw the Statue of Liberty so it was fun showing him all of the other stuff. Times Square, Rockefeller Center, Central Park and we went to the top of the rock.

It's nice to be able to go do things like this alone. While we both love having time with A, we also need to have time for ourselves, for our relationship. Matt actually texted me today that he's been meaning to tell me that he fell in love with me all over again on the trip, and then my heart turned to mush.

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