Wednesday, July 07, 2010

I'm sticky, sweaty and cranky. Not exactly what I wanted my last week of work to be filled with. I'm also working 10 hours a day in a house with no a.c. Ellie's room does have a.c. but you can only sit in a room so long before you start going stir-crazy. I have one more day left and then it's the end.

Last night I went out to dinner with the family I used to nanny for in California. Coincidentally they are the reason I started this bitch about them. We had a good time though. Now that I am not their 'employee' things were much more casual and relaxed. They seemed to enjoy Matt and he was on his best behavior :) The kids have grown so much and it's crazy to think about it. I don't feel as though I've aged that much but I must have.

4 more hours of work...I'm hoping to go get a burrito once Ellie wakes up. I've been forgetting to eat since it's been so hot, not that forgetting to eat is going to kill me.

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