Sunday, May 16, 2010

Another weekend gone. I took a three hour nap today because apparently I don't like to sleep on the weekends.

Friday we went to Providence to celebrate Renee's birthday. We went to Julians, again. I liked their breakfast better but their dinner wasn't too shabby. We went bowling after, and I almost beat all 6 people but I choked on the 8th string. OF COURSE.

Brit and I also had some photo fun in my car before we went out. I need to start taking way more pictures of life. I've been slacking.

Saturday we woke up and got breakfast at Whole Foods. Went shopping, watched movies, napped and then went to AS220 for the Ruiner show. I don't care how cliche or cheesy it is, but this band has really made these past three months bearable. The drummer (whom I didn't know was the drummer because I have no idea who's who in bands) started talking to Brit and I before they went on. We talked a little bit about there experience in China and then I just told him about the past three months and how they are what's gotten me through. He said that's the first time a girl has said that to him, usually it's dudes, hahah. Something about reading their lyrics and realizing that you are not the only miserable person on the planet makes it better. They put on a good show. Not a lot of people were as into them so I actually got to stand pretty close and sing my little heart out.

Today I came back to Boston and took a nice walk to Symphony to grab some sushi at Whole Foods. Lazy day. Matt and I have been texting more and plan to hang out on Wednesday. That should be interesting.

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