Monday, April 19, 2010

My weekends need to stop being so fun because I'm running out of the funds to keep them going. Friday night Brit, Renee, and I decided to go to Hell and dance. We walked in to Big D and the Kids Table playing which was a nice surprise. After they were done we got to dancing. We danced by ourselves and with this group of guys during the night. One of them turned out to be pretty cool and just so happens to know Greg. I told him we should go grab beers sometime.

Saturday the three of us drove to Worcester. The whole ride there we listened to these boys

They make me extremely happy. Saturday night we went to another show. That was a lot of fun as well. Ran into a guy I went out on a date with last summer. We chatted for a few and it wasn't entirely awkward. Tried to go to Hell again that night but couldn't get in because one of the kids we were with was wearing shorts. We just went back to Brit's, hung out and then I came home and crashed. I'm only working today this week and then I'm driving to Delaware this weekend to see my friend. Yay!

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