Sunday, April 25, 2010

I don't even know how to sum up this weekend. There was lot's of dancing. There was some alcohol. There was vegan breakfast with friends. There was random adventures. There was new friends that were met. There were tears.

One of my adventures was hanging out with these dudes

I was sitting at Justin's house and he was talking with his friend Emily. He said he was sad because he wasn't able to go to a show with her and she didn't want to go by herself, so I told him I would go if she wanted, I had nothing else going on. Come to find out, she is dating the singer from Four Year Strong. I'm not one to fall over 'celebrities' so them being a big band didn't really do anything for me but it was interesting to see the event from a backstage perspective.

Then more texts from Matt which just resulted in more tears. I just need to stop responding.

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