Friday, April 16, 2010

Matt texted me yesterday, asking if I had heard from Kevin about the shirts. I told him that I asked someone else to do it and he went off the deep end. Saying I apparently want him to suffer and how could I do this to him, I don't want to get back together.......and then he said since I'm doing so well he's going to fuck off and die. Nice, right? I thought I kept myself collected during the exchange. I laughed during some parts because it was so dramatic but it also makes me sad. Something is obviously not going well in his life and maybe he just needs to take his frustration out on me. He sent me another text this morning about listening to H20's song "Unconditional". I didn't end up listening to it but I read the lyrics, and then started to shed some tears in class. I hate it.

Needless to say Ruiner was on repeat again all day. Thought I was ready to move on to happier music but he just keeps digging the knife in.

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  1. "I was there, but you were not as strong"

    Ex-fucking-cuse me?!?! Is this kid kidding!?!?!

    All I can say is that I hope he realizes that he is a sad excuse for a man. You put your life on hold, did everything in your power to help him, and he "couldn't handle it". If anything, these lyrics should bring further closure by solidifying his instability.

    Spelling is not my strong suit, so whatever.