Monday, May 11, 2009

The weekend was a blur and it's so nice to have today off to catch up and get ready for my first day of work tomorrow at my new job.

Friday my bosses had a BBQ for me, except with pizza. Rich is an amazing cook. We also had sangria, lots and lots of sangria. It was nice hanging out with them for a few hours, not having to worry about work or the kids. They gave me an incredibly sweet card and we had our exchange of tears. Rich and Barry also told me they thought of me as their little sister and I'm part of the family now. I'm going to miss them.

Friday night I was going to stay in, but decided to go out instead. We went and say Catie's band Sway at the Plough and the Stars in Central Square. It was nice, the band is so cute. Not to mention hot lawyer-in-training is in the band. Yum.

Saturday Heather and I went bike shopping. After living in the city I have come to realize why people ride bikes. Biking is much faster, cheaper and gives you a nice ass to boot. I bought my little Torker, he's so cute.

That night we went back to Central Square to celebrate Ann-Marie's birthday at the Pheonix Landing. Heather and I decided to ride our bikes there. We got all cute and dressed up and then it started pouring. We sat in my apartment for a second until the rain stopped. We thought it was safe but we were wrong. It started pouring while we were riding to Cambridge. I was in a skirt and tights and looked like a drowned rat by the time we got there. It wasn't a pretty sight. We still danced all night long, even getting up on the benches to dance for some awesome 80's music.

Sunday-Mother's Day, didn't do a damn thing. I think I laid in my bed for 10 hours, I was so sore.

Busy busy weekend and busy busy week.

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