Sunday, February 08, 2009

This whole eating healthy thing is HARD. I'm really trying though and today I did really well. This weekend, eh, not so much. I blame it on my period. I feel like I could eat an elephant and not be satisfied.

Today was a wonderful day in the state of Massachusetts. It hit 50 degrees. My body did a little happy dance called a 4 mile way through the streets of Boston. It was windy, a little drizzly but dammit, it was 50 degrees. I took my camera with me but wasn't inspired to take a single picture. It's a little ugly right now, I think that's why.

After I got home I started planning Nicole's Baby Shower. I'm getting really excited, I think it is going to turn out really cute. This evening I dragged Conor to go see Coraline with me. We had some awesome 3d glasses which they just happened to charge an extra $2.50 a ticket for. The movie was really amazing. A little creepy and dark, just what I like.

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