Thursday, February 19, 2009

She came to the daycare nearly the exact same day I started working. She was adorable and all the teachers were in love, for all of about 15 minutes. That's when she started screaming. Nobody had the time,energy or patience to try and calm her down so I took on that task. What a task it was and thus our relationship began.

Her parents went up to Betsy one day asking if she was available to babysit, she said she would look at her calendar and let them know. She already had something scheduled that day so I offered to watch her. The tattoos might have freaked them out at first but they agreed.

I've been babysitting her for about 2 years now and I can't believe the time is going that fast. Her family and I have become good friends and talk regularly. When I was going through the break up with Bob the mom let me have a good cry before they left and even offered for me to stay there if I needed to. It's nice to have people whom act like my adopted family since mine is so far away. I babysat her last Saturday and she is growing up to be such a big girl. It was surreal, she seemed like a little 12 year old walking around. I can't wait to see what their new baby is going to be and hopefully the fun will just continue.

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  1. awesome picture! i love the story, too. That doesn't surprise me about're awesome with kids. i had an experience at the daycare i worked at in MT. it was a red-headed girl (ha- kindred spirit : ) and NO ONE could "tame" her. i "took her on", and we became the best of friends. the other workers called me the baby whisperer. it was fun.