Saturday, August 07, 2010

Oh life, you are a silly little bitch sometimes

I moved in with Matt this past weekend. We decided to live together with his old roommates, save money, share some space and then next year look for a place by ourselves.

That plan all came crashing down when his roommates decided that they "hated living with a four year old" so we needed to find another place to live. I don't think there are words to describe how angry I am. Matt has lived here for 4 months, had already signed the lease for another year, and if A had been such a problem they should have told us sooner. We could be assholes and stay for the year since he is on the lease but we don't want to deal with them so we are looking for a place.

In September.

In Boston.

Miserable. There is absolutely nothing for $1200 for a two bedroom near to where he's living now unless we want to live in a slum so we are looking a little further outside the city which means our commutes are now going to be worse.

I'm trying to look to the positive that we will have a place that is all our own but until we find something I'm just a ball of stress.

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