Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Another rough day, I do not think this forecast of rain forever is helping either. After talking with Matt on Sunday I felt good. I texted him Monday a question about the screenprint jobs and then left him be. Nothing else was said that day. I texted him twice yesterday (Tuesday) and no response. I'm frustrated, hurt, and this roller coaster of emotions I'm on is getting old. I'm tired. I know we are taking space and time apart but even just a two second reply to a text message would make my day and night so much better. We'll see what he says.


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  2. I have a question. Does he read your blog? Does he know about it even?

    If yes, and he still doesn't care to realize you're hurt, lady dust yourself and move right on.

    If not, he's probably trying to get you to being more independent, to kind of stay strong with or without him and thus help you stay aloof- makes sense?

    Or maybe, i'm just being to nice to him coz he said you felt good talking to him. Do you think he's just not worth it??

    Maybe he is- i'm asking coz you'd know better.

  3. The warrior in me-

    No, he doesn't read this blog but he does know I have one. Has never asked to read it.

    If only I knew the answers to the other questions. Love is such a funny thing, huh? After him not replying today I'm getting an overwhelming sense of actions speak louder than words. I'm starting to realize it might be time to let him go.

  4. Hmmm. Don't feel too bad. Good will come out of this, too- soon.