Sunday, November 01, 2009

California was was nice to see that side of the coast again, to watch the sunset over the ocean. I miss that so much. Plus the palm trees, ohhhh, the palm trees. But I also remember why I left, everything looks the same..beige and boring.


I had a good time hanging out with Heathers friends. We drove around LA in Trudy, the awesome car, went to the beach, In and Out, had the Halloween party, dug through the Goodwill in downtown, ate the most amazing donuts, and laughed. It was a nice weekend away. Plus the weather.......sigh.

For the Halloween party, I went dressed up as Octo-Mom! It was amazing, if I can say that. Being in a relationship at a party without that person is interesting and not as fun. I stayed and chatted with the other girls in the same situation, yet still managed to get hit on by 'actors'. It was pretty funny and just showed me how image and status are what it's all about in this town.

Then it was time to come home and back to the real world. Also back home to THIS....

That is Dan Aykroyd and I have fallen madly in love with this little lump of fur. He bounces and jumps to greet me when I get home, snuggles in my lap and cuddles with my back. He's just the best!

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