Friday, September 04, 2009

Dating! It is so much fun but so confusing. Things were going especially well with the boy, we spent a week together and it was awesome.

Then my mom came and he went to Vermont for the week. I said something joking to him and the joke went to far and I ended up saying things I did mean, but probably shouldn't have said to him. I was tore up the whole week about it. He came back from Vermont and we saw each other that night to talk about it. We talked it over, I explained myself, he explained what he was thinking and everything was good. I stayed there until 4 in the morning and then drove home. I also stayed over the next night. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday he wouldn't really talk to me. I invited him to come hang out....but he didn't want to. No big deal.

I texted him yesterday (thursday) to see how he was. I asked what he was doing that night and he said staying in because he was heading to Nova Scotia tomorrow with this girl friend of his.


I was fine with that, but it almost seems to me like he is trying to piss me off and make me say crazy shit. We texted some more and I told him to let me know when he wants to hang out again because inviting him on all these hangouts only to be rejected is hurting my ego. I meant this in a totally lighthearted way but realized after I said it that he might take it the wrong way. Just like the last time. And he did, and he told me that I must be riding a ten speed bike with all of this backpeddling I'm doing. At that point I wanted to tell him to go fuck himself, but I refrained.

I gently explained that I don't lie, it was a joke and he could make of it what he wanted. I also asked him if I did something this week that I am unaware of. Haven't heard anything back and at this point I'm so done. Done Done Done.

To celebrate this joyous occasion, Heather and I bought some big beers and headed to Dora's house for some chocolate eating, drinking and bitching about boys. It did the trick. I had a blast.

I'm also done being the pursuer in boys for awhile. They can come after me if they want it.


  1. i'm so sorry heather! i hate that you had to go through this again. you were so excited about him before. But, i agree - be done with him. seriously. he sounds like an ass the way he's been treating you, and if his communication style is this messed up now, it'll only get worse. glad you were able to have some fun though - beers, chocolate, and friends will always cure it!!

  2. "I'm also done being the pursuer in boys for awhile. They can come after me if they want it.

    HAHA that lasted a long time!!!

    seriously, just let things happen. enjoy time with your girls, and boys will come along. they aren't worth the effort...