Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Summer needs to seriously slow down. It's already almost two weeks into August, ahhh!

Germany was amazing. There really are no words to describe how much I love Europe. I'll make a big post about that later.

For now, I've just been riding my bike and going on dates. Judd was back in town last weekend and we went out to see Doomriders. He stayed the night, we kissed and cuddled and then went to Autozone in the morning. My dates are so romantic. I don't know what's going on there.

I also have a date tomorrow with a boy I've never met. Heather set it up but Nicoles knows him as well. I'm excited! He asked if I wanted to help him move a tv to Maine and while there we are going to mini-golf, get some ice cream, play on the beach and look around. I think the house up there is empty and it also has a pool so who knows what will happen. I'm going to play it by 'year'.

I'm ready for school to start though, back to a normal schedule which my brain will enjoy.


  1. let me finish this entry for you...

    "and then when my date is done, and i'm back home - fully satisfied - i'm going to call nicole and divulge the details so that she can live vicariously through me and my exciting dating life"

    *please note**
    i completely love my life, and my husband, etc... but man, there's nothing like the excitement of dating (until you find the one!)

  2. your visit to delaware went too fast, too. if you move to amsterdam, i think i will die. that's just too far away. you better get filthy rich over there so you can fly back and visit often. (or the other way around, i better get filthy rich so i can come see you)