Wednesday, July 08, 2009

I've come to realize the past few weeks that I am most certainly a person who needs a schedule. This schedule can and should have moments of spontaneity, but there needs to be somewhat of a routine.

This summer there has been no schedule. Because of that I feel like my life is still spinning out of control. I feel like I'm forgetting to pay bills (I'm not) and get caught up on any sort of project. This week I have been slowly getting caught up on just little shit that has needed to get done. This also means that my summer has been extremely busy which is a good thing. I've been doing a lot of things at night, hanging out with friends and laughing.

This past Saturday was the fourth of July so Kate, Michael and I went to Alysons apartment in East Boston. There are pictures but I think I look like hell in all of them. I'm anxiously awaiting for Kate to put them up. I drank way to much vodka, ate some little hamburger cupcakes, watched the Boston fireworks from the roof deck, listened to impromptu guitar songs and helped clean up a broken smashed back window. It was one of the more memorable fourths I've had in a long time.

This weekend I'm headed up to Maine to camp, roast marshmellows, white water raft (!!!) and have more laughs with friends.

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  1. did you get lots of pics of your time in maine? busy girl.