Monday, July 24, 2006

New Hampshire reminds me of home

Vacation is a word that usually makes me as a nanny shudder. So when my host family came up with the idea of going to New Hampshire this past weekend for the oldest childs birthday, fear just kind of swept over me. On vacation schedules just fly out the window which is a great thing for adults, but for sucks. They act like fucking little brats. But sometimes the parents are worse to deal with than the kids. For instance. On Friday morning we decided to sit down for breakfast. I ordered some awesome banana nut crunch pancakes which I wanted to fully enjoy. But of course 5 minutes into my indulgence two of the kids decided they needed to use the bathroom. My host mom told me that I could have the pleasure of taking them, so I did. As soon as I got back and took a bite another child informed the table that they to had to go to the bathroom. For fucks sake. The mom was now finished with her meal, I was not..but she told me I could take the child to the bathroom. Uhhhhhh.....She was not doing anything besides staring into space and I'm not even halfway done with my breakfast, why couldn't she take him? I take his to the bathroom and after we get back the dad informs us that everybodys done so he's just going to take the kids outside. The host mom then quickly replies that she'll go to to help him. That leaves me, sitting at a huge ass table by myself finishing my breakfast. Nice. I wasn't into that so I just left as well.

The rest of the weekend sucked. Rainy miserable weather. Now I'm tired as shit and have to work this whole next week without really getting a break. Hooray.

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