Monday, January 02, 2006

Sweet home Montana

Since turning 19 ( a whole 23 hours ago) my mood has been in the dumps. It hit me hard that I'm 19 and sitting in my Mom's house doing nothing all day. With that...I've started looking at moving back to Montana. I want and need to get on with my life and I don't think this is the place to do it. So for the next couple of days I'll be searching for something...anything.


  1. 19 ... you should be living. You'll have lots of time to sit around doing nothing later. Much later.

  2. From a guy living in Montana, not an original native, I'll never leave this fine, beautiful state.

    Just yesterday I'm driving around and it was so beautiful, the mountains, the big sky, and an American Bald Eagle was flying around out there - the people are so friendly..this place is heavenly!

    Come back!

  3. Some people spend their whole lives searching for something. Some find it, many don't.

    seekers. Guess I'm one of life's it's just in my nature, so please take this suggestion from one who knows.

    Don't concentrate on the goal in front of you, but enjoy the scenery while you're on the journey. It'll make the searching much more enjoyable. You never know - sometimes whatever it is you're looking for might well be by your side all along :)

    Enjoy being 19, and remember not to pick up too many hitchhikers along the way!

  4. Go for it! You are only young once!