Monday, May 14, 2012

Where to begin. 

Friday I had my 'date' and I was extremely nervous all day. I psyche myself up and over-think everything. I met him once before but it was in a group setting so being alone would be different. He was cute but quiet.  I'm not used to seeing quiet guys.  I had to talk a lot, maybe more than usual, just to keep things going and I really don't enjoy talking about myself that much.  We had a beer and then headed over to see the Avengers which I enjoyed.  It was so long though that I had to fight to stay awake.  The movie ended at almost 1 in the morning and then came the part of first dates that I HATE...the end.  Do we hug? What if he tries to kiss me?  What if  I'm not feeling it? In the end I gave him a quick hug and headed out.  I don't want to lead him on into thinking I want something more with a kiss but when a guy pays for dinner I feel like I owe him something?  I'm weird. This is why I like to pay for myself on dates. So that was that. You'd think with all of the practice I have going on first dates I'd be a pro at this.

Saturday my friend and I went to the drive in to see Dark Shadows. Going to the drive in was something I did a lot in Montana. It made me miss home.  We didn't prepare very well so we ended up sitting in the car instead of under the stars but we had a lot of fun.  People watching at the drive in is most excellent.  The movie was okay.  I expected it to be more of a comedy and while it had its funny moments, it was not.  I still enjoyed it though and the soundtrack was really good.


Meanwhile, my friend texted me and let me in on a lead to an absolutely adorable guy whom I knew nothing of.  He is a tattoo artist and one of our mutual friends goes to him.  I messaged this mutual friend to see if he was single and it turns out, he is.  I ended him sending him a message myself asking him out for beers and he said yes.  Know I am having really really good butterflies. I don't want to get too ahead of myself but I'm hoping we can grab some beers soon and see what happens.

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  1. This post made me really glad I don't have to date anymore. The end of a mediocre date is so awkward. The drive-in looks like fun! We have one five blocks from our house and I haven't been for two years! You've inspired me to force the husband to see something there this weekend.