Sunday, March 13, 2011

We don't have Adrian this weekend because he is with his mother, participating in his Uncle's wedding.  While I feel incredibly guilty for thinking it, the break has been nice.  Every parent needs a break every now and then.  Of course I miss him, but I'm enjoy sitting on the couch all day.  We've also taken advantage of our free weekend.

On Friday we went to see The Pogues. I bought the tickets for Matt for his birthday, some of the most expensive tickets I've ever bought for one act.  We went with friends and had a really good time.  This is their last US tour and Matt had a smile plastered on his face the whole time as well as all day yesterday.

Saturday after Matt got of work we went did dinner and movie.  We've been wanting to see The Adjustment Bureau since we saw the preview about a year ago-or at least it felt that long ago.  It was really good, a movie that kept your interest. 

I also booked our trip to Puerto Rico! I'm so excited.  I haven't traveled in forever which is not okay with me.  I have this need to see other places, cultures and I haven't been anywhere in far too long.  We chose Puerto Rico because we wanted to go somewhere and relax but I'm not that type of traveler so we will also see some sights while we are there.  Matt works with some guys who are from there and have the hook-up to a zip-lining, bridge adventure type place.  We will definitely be doing that and I would like to do one other sightseeing adventure.  The rainforest?  Caves?  Ponce?  I'm still re-searching them all. We will also be staying at a Sheraton which I'm not too sad about either.  This trip can't some soon enough.

My mom and Aunt are supposed to fly in this Thursday so today will be spent cleaning and getting ready for their arrival.

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