Sunday, June 15, 2008

The perfect plot for a horror film

On Friday (the 13th) my friends Heather, Nicole and I set out to go take pictures of an abandoned warehouse.

I had never done this before but was rather excited. We parked at a local VFW and walked over to the warehouse. Getting into the building was not hard since there were various openings everywhere.
Inside the warehouse was amazing. There were old piles of checks and papers just left around along with boxes of cortisone 10. The warehouse itself was huge, with big windows and lots of light.

Then came the fun part. Right after I clicked this picture, I saw the end of a cop car drive by.
I might have had a little heart attack, okay, a rather large heart attack. All 3 of us ran over to the side of the building and crouched down. We could see a sliver of the cop car outside and watched where it was going. At one point we thought it left so we started taking pictures again but it started looping back around. He paced back and forth in his cop car and idled for a few minutes. Finally he left. And I died.
The rest of the time I was there I was paranoid he was going to return, but he didn't.

The next time I go someplace abandoned I'm bringing diapers and Valium.


  1. i look like a little kid with my pink shirts and backpack! haha. I think it's time to invest in a camera bag!

  2. Anonymous11:16 AM

    lets set a date!!!