Thursday, April 06, 2006


I've dreamed of getting a tattoo for years now. I've thought of the pain, and how much it wouldn't hurt. It's just needles...right? I can take needles.

My thoughts have changed. Today at 4 I went in for what would become a little over 4 hours of torture. I got a koi fish in water with a lotus flower floating on the right side of my body. They say your sides are one of the most sensitive areas to get tattoos, so of course, I choose that area.
The first lines he did were okay. I could handle it. I handled the outline fine.

Then came shading. Now most normal people would have done this tattoo in segments, not all at once. But since I'm visiting I needed to get it all at once because I won't be coming back until like Christmas. Shading was a bitch. My side was already so sore, so puncturing some more was not good. I started crying twice. There was nothing else I could do. A few times I didn't know if I was going to make it.

The guy who did my tattoo said I was one tough girl though. He doesn't even have tattoos on his side because of the pain, and neither did his apprentice. That made me feel somewhat better. Now I'm shaking and going through all sorts of emotions so I better head to bed. I'm already planning on another tattoo though, this time on my arm.


  1. Cool! I got my first tat on my side too, from the top of my ribs down to my hip. Could you feel it shooting like to other parts of your body and stuff? Very weird feeling. But definitely worth it, congradulations!

  2. A nanny with a tattoo . Whatever happened to nannies like Mary Poppins?
    Well just don't let it get infected.

  3. I want a tattoo but I'm afraid that I am going to get tired of it quickly. But I guess you only live once and I should get one (a little one at least). Does it hurt much?